Purchase Policy


I. General

The website www.bocassy.com is jointly owned by Bocassy d.o.o., located at Vrisnička ulica 16, Zagreb, OIB: 16207279646, founded in 2014, and Mavor Design Lab, acting as the general distributing partner.

These Purchase Conditions are part of the Seller’s obligation in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, serving to inform the Buyer, before entering into a distance contract, about essential circumstances relevant to the conclusion, execution, and termination of the contract, all in accordance with legal regulations.

The term “Seller” refers to the company Mavor Design Lab Ltd, as general distributing partner of Bocassy.

The term “Buyer” refers to both a regular consumer, a natural person who, outside any business activity, orders and pays for any product through the services of the Seller’s webshop available on the Seller’s website, and business buyers, individual traders, and individuals engaged in business activities, who are protected by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act only when purchasing products unrelated to their business activities, as well as all other buyers, such as legal entities.

The Seller, by selling through the website www.bocassy.com, acts in its own name.

These purchase conditions are part of the distance contract, along with the specifications and price(s) of the purchased product(s). Before confirming the purchase order for a particular product, the Buyer will be asked to accept/declare that they are familiar with and agree to these conditions. After confirming the order (concluding the contract), they will be sent to the Buyer as the content of the email confirming that the contract has been concluded. The Seller reserves the right to change the conditions at any time, with such changes taking effect after publication on these websites.

Once the Buyer confirms and places the order, the contract is concluded. The Seller will immediately notify, by email, that the contract has been concluded. For a validly concluded contract, the Buyer must be a person with full legal capacity. The Buyer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data entered during registration. The purchase conditions are divided into the categories/information listed below.

Access to the www.bocassy.com website may sometimes be unavailable due to maintenance, updates, or unforeseen circumstances beyond the Seller’s control. The website may also be temporarily inaccessible due to work, maintenance, or the introduction of new content.

II. Main Features of the Goods

The main features of the goods are described both textually and by photographs, with the data based on the Seller’s database.

Product photographs are illustrative, and there may be discrepancies in detail compared to the products subject to the order. The Seller emphasizes that the visual identity of the product shown in the photograph may not correspond to the actual appearance of the product, especially considering the buyer’s monitor settings, differences in color perception, and similar factors. In the case of such a discrepancy between the product shown in the photograph and the delivered product, it is not considered a product defect.

Data about products (product description, price, etc.) on the www.bocassy.com website are subject to bugs, application irregularities, technical errors, typographical errors, and similar issues. In case of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding product data displayed on www.bocassy.com, the Seller reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

The subject of the order can only be products indicated in the order as available and in stock. Due to the high number of orders placed simultaneously on www.bocassy.com, it may happen that information about the availability of a product does not match the stock status.

If the ordered product is not available in stock, the Seller will notify the Buyer that the product is currently unavailable, specify the time when the product will be available, arrange a new delivery time if necessary, and offer the option to purchase an alternative product that is available for delivery and is the closest match to the unavailable product. In case of complete inability to deliver the ordered and paid product, the Seller will refund all funds.

III. Product Prices

Prices displayed on the www.bocassy.com website are in euros. The cost of VAT is included in the product price. Delivery costs are not included in the product prices, except for orders above a certain amount when delivery is free, all in accordance with the terms and conditions as indicated herein. Before confirming the order, the separate product price, delivery cost (if applicable), VAT, and the final price will be displayed so that the Buyer has an overview of the final price to be paid for the ordered purchase service. In the case of payment via e-banking and general payment slips, the costs of payment and/or interbank transactions are not included in the price.

IMPORTANT: Every card transaction (debit and credit cards) is subject to verification by Mavor Design Lab, lasting from one to five business days.

IV. Delivery Costs

These are communicated when ordering each individual product, along with the total delivery costs for orders of multiple products. Delivery costs in the Republic of Croatia are free for all orders above 59.99 euros, including items with indicated free delivery. Delivery costs for orders in the Republic of Croatia below 59.99 euros amount to 8.00 euros. International orders coming soon.

V. Costs of Using Remote Communication Tools

The Seller has no additional costs for remote communication tools.

VI. Terms and Payment Deadlines, Terms of Product Delivery, Time of Product Delivery

Products are ordered by selection, using the menu and filling out the electronic form. The Buyer can order and purchase the product as a registered or unregistered user. The product is considered ordered when the buyer goes through the entire ordering process.