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Explore our meticulously curated collection in the “Elegance Crafted Worldwide” section, where beauty knows no borders. Immerse yourself in skincare artistry that seamlessly blends the sophistication of “Made in Europe” craftsmanship with the global touch of “Made by Experts.” Each product is a testament to the harmonious marriage of French excellence and the expertise of our international collaborators. Experience the epitome of elegance that transcends geographical boundaries.

Our products

Elegance Crafted Worldwide

Developed in Europe

Crafted with finesse in the heart of Europe, our products embody the pinnacle of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Made by Experts

Meticulously perfected by international skincare experts, our creations harmonize expertise from around the globe, ensuring a truly refined beauty experience.

Our Values

Bocassy's Guiding Principles

Discover the essence of Bocassy through our guiding principles: Conscious Beauty, Luxury for All, and Community-Centric Collaboration. Each pillar reflects our commitment to redefining skincare, making luxury accessible, and fostering a family-like community rooted in quality and consciousness.

Our Story

Redefining Beauty with Bocassy

In the heart of Bocassy lies a narrative woven with passion, purpose, and a profound commitment to redefining beauty. Our story began with a singular vision — to offer more than just skincare; to provide a transformative experience that extends beyond the surface.

Founded on the principles of conscious beauty, Bocassy emerged as a beacon of innovation in the beauty industry. We embarked on a journey to transcend conventional standards, intertwining luxury with affordability and infusing each product with a deep sense of ecological responsibility.

Our commitment to conscious beauty goes beyond mere formulations; it is a holistic approach that resonates in every step of our process. From ethically sourced ingredients to sustainable practices, we meticulously craft skincare solutions that not only enhance your natural radiance but also honor our collective responsibility to the planet.

Bocassy is more than a brand; it is a family. Our community-centric collaboration extends to every team member, customer, and supporter. Together, we share a belief in quality, consciousness, and the transformative power of connected communities.

As we continue to pioneer luxury for all, we invite you to be part of our story. Join us on this journey where beauty is a conscious choice, and every skincare ritual contributes to a shared vision of a more beautiful and sustainable world. Welcome to the Bocassy family, where our story becomes a part of yours.


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BOCASSY d.o.o.
Vrisnička ulica 16, 10000, Zagreb, Hrvatska
OIB 16207279646
MBS 080914306
Founded 12.05.2014.


Ul. Svetog Mihovila 5/K, 21204 Dugopolje
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