Company Profile

to respect ecology, our planet and every living being in this world.

This is our mission, our focus and our contribution.

Company Profile

Bocassy Paris is a company settled with one goal only, to provide quality and care not only for its consumers; not only to satisfy the feeling, but consciousness too.

Our ideas will always transcend the demand; it is much wider; it conjuncts ecology and charity, it conjuncts awareness on ingredients and that which is best for our body and our planet. It is our necessity to offer luxurious product and make it affordable to everyone.

The range and variety of products we develop and produce do and will depend only on this way of living: it will be determined by quality, ecology and morality. In introducing BOCASSY skin care line, we have formed a group of experts in every field that touches cosmetics – from chemists, dermatologist and technicians to designers and marketing experts who are altogether formed and initiated under name of BOCASSY to take care of our clients and our products. Yes, we are a family and the family grows bigger by every passing day, by every product, by every person who has touched its parts to every person who uses it. We are all connected even if we never have met. Our company is not just a company; it is a family indeed. Our idea is not just ours; it is here for all to share.