Oldest, but still top-selling line for redefinition of face contours, recharging it to gain more of its youthful features, volumize the skin and make signs of time less visible. When we get past prevention and the actual signs of aging get by far visible it is time to call upon heavy artillery. This is not a condition for soft talk, it requires strong lipid defense, boost of epidermal protection and all this just to slow down, prevent loss of water, to have it locked in the skin, slowly released and absorbed by the skin. It is drying that is at the bottom of the pile called aging. Lipids in simple forms of oils and butters are strongly affecting all the problems of maturing skin: wrinkles, flaccidity and fatigue or translated: dryness, loss of elasticity and ever-slower substance exchange. Therefore, NOURRISSANTE line act redefining, transforming, volumizing and rejuvenating to aging, maturing and generally dry skin.

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