Collection: NEW SKIN

BÔCASSY’s NEW SKIN collection primarily focuses on skin protection and growth.
Pioneering in this absolutely new and growing trend of anti-aging industry, BÔCASSY yet again pushes the limits of believable by creating the line that reboots and restructures aging skin, at the same time smoothen it and fights all signs of time - intelligently.
By protecting and stimulation skin's natural growth factors it ultimately results in faster recuperation; creation of new, young skin.
INTELLIGENT SKINCARE is a wonderful description of what the new generation of actives deliver to our skin. Combined together in our smart products, they detecting the condition it aims to repair and substitute what is damaged, disbalanced or simply underperforming.

Its span starts from focusing on new, younger skin to balancing and increasing hydration level, revitalization of maturing tissue, affecting better elasticity, masking visible wrinkles, and repairing numerous other skin conditions.

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