POWER MOISTURIZERS made in all variations tend to focus on multi-moisture. Multi-moisturizing systems fundamentally focus on:
a) increasing level of hydration in the skin
b) maintaining the increased (or optimal) level of hydration in the skin
c) slow moisture release
d) enhancement and restoration of lipid barrier to prevent evaporation
e) reduction of TEWL
f) stimulation and synthesis of hyaluronic acid

Therefore, BOCASSY's power moisturizers are focusing on all or some of these to enhance & endure all the hardships we are exposed to: climate, internal conditioning (heating or cooling), unhealthy food, stress, pollution and other.
Well hydrated skin is always in close correlation with well-functioning barrier so to work for hydration there has to be a protection too.

Our line of omni-moisturizers for damaged and sensitive skin with high reduction of water loss (TEWL) or simply for the skin that needs plenty of hydration. Reinforces and repairs skin barrier, locks hydration for over 24-hour, refreshes or repairs. Peptides, vitamins and lipids in their best, natural environment.

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