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 CALCIUM HYDROXYMETHIONINE Fortifies and restructures thin and fragile, maturing skin. It helps recreate epidermal homeostasis and restores the main cell functions: differentiation, proliferation, protein and lipid synthesis. Supported by such form of calcium skin gains density, elasticity, firmness and becomes incredibly smooth and turns into resistant, fortified and strong shield once agan. 
HIBISCUS ABELMOSCHUS EXTRACT One of the rare ingredients proven to protect FGF-2 (fibroblast growth factor), stimulates collagen creation which, translated to beauty language promotes skin density more then vitamin C. It helps recover lipid barrie. Small, simple, yet so powerful ingredent that has the strength to stand face to face with, unfortunately, uncontrollable vitamin C. 
HYDROLYZED YEAST EXTRACT In one word: PROTEIN. In two words VEGETABLE PROTEIN. Yeast, as a powerful protein, potent enough to replace animal protein  duplicates the aesthetics of mammalian collagen while delivering enhanced levels of moisture to the skin. This enhanced level of moisture binding ability can be attributed to the presence of the sugars, which are typically absent of mammalian collagens.
MINERAL FERMENTS (SACCHAROMYCES/ZINC FERMENT, SACCHAROMYCES/COPPER FERMENT, SACCHAROMYCES/MAGNESIUM FERMENT, SACCHAROMYCES/MAGNESIUM FERMENT, SACCHAROMYCES/MAGNESIUM FERMENT, SACCHAROMYCES/IRON FERMENT, SACCHAROMYCES/SILICON FERMENT Essential minerals (zinc, iron, silicon, copper and magnesium),  through fermentation become transformed into a bio-active material that is easily recognized by our skin. These fermented minerals become a powerhouse of benefits, efficaciously enhancing barrier function, increasing growth factor expression, decreasing stress related factors, increasing cellular energy production and acting as an anti-inflammatory. In the daily skin care routine they provide nourishing, increase skin sensity, enhance and build proper barrier function, increase growth factor (EGF) expression, decrease stress related factors, increase cellular energy, act anti-inflammatory, minerals/enzyme co-factors
natural gums (ACACIA SENEGAL GUM, HYDROLYZED RHIZOBIAN GUM, ACACIA SEYAL GUM EXTRACT) This natural mix of ingredients have but one specific purpose: immediate lifting. It works mechanically on the skin to tighten it immediately after application, masks the wrinkles from the outside and thus, by creating a film, it helps hide most hated of all aging signs - wrinkles. 
POLYGLUCURONIC ACID Polyglucuronic acid acts as a precursor to tynthesis of hyaluronic acid which in turn work to stimulate the processes of cellular hydration and repair. Its restorative properties are powerful enough to reduces the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate and thus stimulate process of cellular hydration and repair. 
PROBIOTICS / MICROBIOTA (BIFIDA FERMENT LYSATE, Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate, LACTOBACILLUS/ALGAE EXTRACT FERMENT, LEUCONOSTOC/RADISH ROOT FERMENT FILTRATE) PROBIOTICS are capable of speeding skin repair by enhancing cellular renewal while also increasing collagen production to improve texture. Combined with the increased rate of exfoliation, the improvements in hydration will further minimize the appearance of wrinkles for additional anti-aging results. Healthy microbiota is essential for healthy and optimally functioning skin therefore for skin that shows least of agng signs. Healthy microbiota affects the skin against premature aging, counteracts UV damage to maintain a radiant and youthful complexion, provides the skin with a comprehensive answer to aging , boosts the natural mechanism that extends the lifespan of youthful skin cells ƒand activates natural cell protection processes.
ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER Known since antient times as a synonym for beauty, yet now we know exactly why: moisturizing, cleaning and anti-inflamatory properties are what makes it unreplaceable in skin care. All these put together make the true meaning of anti-age. 
SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE VITAMIN C needs no explanation. The wild, most powerful, but also impossible to tame Vitamin C comes in many forms in which we can use its benefits, but never completely. It simply never gives us all it's got. However, new forms are being created and they are all the more powerful then the last one. Unavoidable in every form of anti-aging, it helps build up skin structure, insreases and protects skins natural EGF, retain moisture in the skin, fortify its matrix and engances lipid barrier. 

Another hit for dryness. Urea has characteristics to impose moisturizing qualities on all moisture-concerns that we can address in skin: a) increasing level of hydration in the skin b) maintaining the increased (or optimal) level of hydration in the skin c) slow moisture release d) enhancment and restoration of lipid barrier to prevent evaporation e) reduction of TEWL f) stimulation and synthesis of hyaluronic acid

VITIS VINIFERA FRUIT EXTRACT Vitis Vita rebalances skin protein levels. This active ingredient is a sustainable liposoluble extract derived from upcycled wine organic grape marc. Vitis Vita improves cellular detoxification by stimulating the proteasome activity, induces hyaluronic acid synthesis 3 and stimulates Pro Collagen I and Pro Collagen III synthesis in skin cells. Proven in vivo, Vitis Vita reduces crow’s feet wrinkles and lip wrinkles while improving skin moisture and reinforcing the skin barrier. The active is Cosmos Approved.

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